Your Questions Answered

We’d just like to reiterate a few points to make sure everyone is clear on the current situation and
answer a few questions we have heard many times over the past few days.

Where are your coins?

Everyone’s coins are safe, they are locked in the blockchain. Our systems were not penetrated by
anybody. Electroneum account holders who had used the same password/email on other sites such as Dropbox/Tumblr had their accounts compromised –
which is why it’s essential you ensure that the email address you use for your Electroneum account is secured – we know lots of our users have had their own email hacked (their gmail, Hotmail, yahoo etc.). When we go live again, we’ll be getting you to create a new a secure, unique password for your Electroneum account, but if your email address has been hacked you will still be vulnerable. Please ensure your EMAIL account is secure.

When will the wallets be live?

As you know, we’ve engaged the services of HackerOne to carry out vulnerability and penetration testing of our platform
They started working with us yesterday. We have had no news from them as of yet but we’ll be sure to update you when we do.
The indicated timescale for this is 3-4 weeks. This timescale has been quoted by Hackerone and we’ll endeavour
to get the wallets live as soon as the testing is complete.


Hackerone work for the US Department of Defense as well as Coinbase, Spotify, Uber, Blockchain and dozens more top tech companies.You can view Electroneum on their directory here.
HackerOne should be publishing a Press Release soon confirming our commercial relationship, we will let you know when it’s released.

Why can’t you login?

Until Hackerone are satisfied with our security, we have halted all logins to our website and the app,
but we can assure you that your ETN balance is safe and secure. We’ll update you when you are able to login again to view your ETN balance.

What should you do while you’re waiting for the wallets to go live?

-Ensure your EMAIL ACCOUNT (not your Electroneum account) password is unique and secure (your gmail/outlook/yahoo password)

-Read our Social Media updates! The answers to all your most common questions have been posted on updates and in videos in the last week or so.

-Share our Social Media posts to help us reassure the community that we are carrying out these procedures to protect our users and our brand.

-RELAX! This is an annoying delay, and we apologise, but it’s just a delay. Once live, all the marketing for mass adoption will begin.

-Sit back, make a cup of tea and we will get on with working with the security team to ensure your coins and the Electroneum brand have the maximum possible protection.

Have a great day, and our apologies again for the inconvenience this has caused.