Christmas Update

Just a quick update for you all!

We’re still going through fixing a few of the issues that some of you may have experienced after the launch.
Our support ticket system is extremely busy but we’re doing our best to answer your questions as soon as possible, your patience during this time is much appreciated!

-A few of you have reported that your transactions have been pending for a long time. In regards to pending transactions, if the balance does not appear to have reduced, the transaction can be attempted again.

-For anyone with a locked account, we’re in the process of verifying the details you’ve provided and unlocking these accounts. If you’ve already provided the details, you’ll be hearing from us via email very shortly.

(Note – for an ID upload, this must feature, the ID & your face, not just the ID. If you only provide a photo of your ID, this will be rejected)

Thanks everyone – and remember…

It’s only 3 days till Christmas!? ??