ETN Official Mining Pools

Hi Everyone,

I have an important update to share regarding the mining pools being run by Electroneum.

You may recall that, at launch, we released 3 mining pools (EU, US and Asia) to allow users to run mining pool software from their PCs’ while the community developed their own.

These proved very popular but now dozens of mining pools, run by the community, are available. Our pools were always a temporary solution to give the community a chance to implement our open source mining pool software. As such, for two main reasons we have chosen to wind down the availability and access to the EU, UK and Asian Electroneum mining pools:


Given the fact that we are still in our infancy and taking on tens of thousands of new users every week, our support system already bears a heavy load. The added support requests coming in from the mining pools are compromising the ability of our support team to efficiently resolve the tickets that relate to our core business.


Our development team have been spending valuable time each day maintaining and modifying our mining pools in order to keep them running. We feel that the time being devoted to this must come to an end, as we believe these hours would be better spent on developing the features we need for our upcoming commercial partnerships and exchange integrations.

The purpose of this letter, therefore, is to give 24 hours’ notice that we will no longer be running or supporting these mining pools, and that they will be retired forthwith. Fear not, a quick search on Google should deliver options for alternative pools that you can use.  You can also take a quick look at

Whilst we can no longer be involved, we know that there is a huge community out there that can help you continue.

To support your transition, here’s a link to the latest version of the Windows Mining Software which will allow you to enter any alternative pool:

Please note that the Asia pool is now offline, with no plans to change.

Importantly, all pending coin transactions will be downloaded from each server and paid out manually. This has already been successfully exported from the Asia pool and we plan to pay out all coins, even below the payout threshold.

I hope you understand and support this decision, which will only strengthen and support our core business growth.

Have a great day,
Richard Ells

PS – Please note that this will not affect any functionality or features of Electroneum and has nothing to do with mobile mining – that beta program is on track and will be live to the first beta testers next week.