New Contract with Mobile Streams PLC & more…

New contract signed with UK PLC Mobile Streams

Mobile Streams signs agreement with Electroneum to promote the use of ETN cryptocurrency, on their mobile gaming service’. We are excited to welcome Mobile Streams to the family as they come on board as part of the Electroneum journey.

We look forward to our relationship with Mobile Streams; as they promote the installation and use of Electroneum within their platforms. Mobile Streams has a subscriber base of over 750,000 users in Latin America that will enjoy the benefits of our mobile miner and contribute to our efforts of mass adoption.

London Stock Exchange

Since this breaking news, Electroneum has now been featured on The London Stock Exchange. Head over to see the full announcement:

BCI summit comes to an end.

To close this week, we would like to begin by saying, that it has been our absolute pleasure to represent Electroneum at BCI Summit New York. Our CEO Richard Ells was honoured to speak at two separate events during the summit, firstly as a morning keynote speaker and secondly in the panel ‘Future Adoption of Cryptocurrencies’.

It has been an inspiring venture to meet with so many crypto-enthusiast and tech gurus alike, and as you can imagine we have been very excited to present the teaser for our Instant Payments System. For those of you who have yet to watch the teaser, please see here for more details: Announcing Instant Payment BETA vendor application.

If you’d like to watch Richard’s presentation, it covers a lot of information about Electroneum that he’s never spoken about publicly before. Find it on our News page here: (BCI Summit – Key note speech with Richard Ells). There was professional recording taking place and the video will be updated as soon as that footage is ready.

Thank you to all who turned up to see Richard speak! Richard assures us it was a pleasure to meet you all and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed looking through your video and photography content of the event and hope to see more of you at future events!

The Real Coin Company

You may remember a piece we wrote about ‘The Real Coin Company’ and their incredible 1st series, Solid Silver Electroneum collector’s coin.

Whilst in NYC, Richard had the absolute pleasure of meeting Maisie Raferty who kindly came to wish us well with the BCI Event!

She is raising money for the charity “Water” via her Solid Silver Electroneum collectors coins (see:

If you’re interested in finding out how these iconic pieces are made, we also have some personal footage from Maisie and her team:

Electroneum Short and Medium-Term Planning

If you watched Richard’s presentation (BCI Summit – Key note speech with Richard Ells) you might notice that we have focused our direction and planning towards enabling the unbanked in developing countries.

By giving access to the ‘gig economy’ for the first time to over 350 million unbanked smartphone users in the developing world, we are giving them access to the vast resources of the Western economies. We are not providing banking facilities but making digital earnings accessible for these users, as they embrace the digital payment sector.

At the same time, the Western economies gain access to a community of competitively priced, millennial entrepreneurs, who can grow and learn a new digital skillset, in the knowledge that they can sell their new skills via a global digital payment method.

Price Waterhouse Coopers predicts this market to be as large as USD 3 trillion in their 2017 Global Fintech Report

Look at our updated website for more information and to see some of what’s coming in the next couple of months!

Big thanks

Ending on a high note – we would like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who has supported ETN of late – we have an incredible online community, sharing their passion from ETN. Please do note that we do watch/read/review your content, from YouTube videos to group chats and blogs etc. The community exists at the heart of Electroneum, therefore, we’d love to give a shout out to a few who have gone above and beyond of late:

Electroneum Reddit community:
Telegram communities:
  • Electroneum Knights
  • (And as always) Our brilliant Telegram admins