Registered Trademark numbers

UK00003276216 – Electroneum

UK00003281838 – the electrical lightning image


You are welcome to download and use the logos and images above and the Electroneum name for your own use (within reason!) and all we ask in return is that you abide by some simple principles as outlined below:

  1. Please only use the logos and images that you find on this official page which are authorised for your use.
  2. We are very proud of and passionate about the Electroneum ® brand and the community that has grown around it and so please don’t exercise your creative flair on the logos and images and try to change how they look or the colours in the images or the spelling of our name, it just makes it look like we don’t care and actually, we care very much. We will be posting “corporate identity guidelines” here in due course so that it will be easier for people to know how to use the logos and images and these should be followed at all times when available.
  3. Please don’t use the logos or images or the Electroneum name to be mean or disparaging or offensive or obscene about either Electroneum or anyone else! The chances are, if you think we would be annoyed or upset by how you’d like to use the logo, we probably would be annoyed or upset. If in doubt, please ask (see point 7) before you use them.
  4. Please don’t pretend to be us. You should be proud of who you are and not try to confuse or mislead people.
  5. Please don’t pretend that we are endorsing or sponsoring you if we aren’t. We are always happy to consider this, but it is always polite to ask first.
  6. Definitely don’t use them for anything illegal! The consequences are too scary to imagine!
  7. If you are at all unsure about how or where you are allowed to use the Electroneum name images or logos, please just open a support ticket ( and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.
  8. We may add to or change these principles from time to time, so please check back here and make sure that you are up to date.