Blockchain features

Secure IBFT-based blockchain with known validators
Compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)
5-second transaction speeds
Unique, proprietary, instant blockchain finality system
Ultra low-cost smart contract fees
Minimal energy consumption

Aurelius Blockchain Update (2024)

Electroneums integration of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) allows organisations to develop Solidity based smart contract applications within the safety of Electroneums ultra low cost, low-energy network. Compared with Ethereum, transaction speeds are far quicker at just five seconds, with instant finality, and smart contract fees are multiple orders of magnitude cheaper. This allows smart contract developers in the global South to access and develop web3 smart contract applications in production environments at a fraction of the Ethereum cost.

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Co-Inventor of blockchain

Electroneums blockchain was praised by Dr. Scott Stornetta, who played a crucial role in the foundational work that led to the development of blockchain technology. His work from 1991 alongside Stuart Haber is even referenced in the original Bitcoin whitepaper.

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A safer blockchain

Insusceptible to blockchains largest threat, the 51% attack, Electroneum combines a strict validator selection process with a unique IBFT consensus mechanism allowing single block finality. This means no confirmation blocks are required after the transaction has been recorded and means smart contract execution and transaction speeds are safer and faster than perhaps any other network.

A more responsible blockchain

All of Electroneums validators are known to the network and some have been selected based upon their contribution to society. These include NGOs such as Ubuntu Pathways and WONDER Foundation who provide aid to women and children in need, offering support in the way of education and career prospects. Notable uses of their block rewards include providing support during the COVID-19 pandemic for 110 girls transitioning to online learning and 48 employees furloughed, and the re-opening of the Ubuntu Pathways school campus following the pandemic. Validator positions are now open for Universities that offer Smart Contract courses.

Эти майнеры не были заинтересованы в устойчивости проекта. Переход на разрешенную сеть в 2019 году позволил Electroneum решить эту проблему. Electroneum выбрал ряд неправительственных организаций (НПО) в качестве валидаторы, которые будут использовать вознаграждения за блокчейн ETN для улучшения своих существующих благотворительных инициатив. В настоящее время у нас есть 12 сетевых валидаторов.

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A greener blockchain

Blockchain technology has incredible potential to streamline everyday processes and introduce new possibilities, however, it mustn't come at the cost to the environment. Electroneums blockchain offers significantly low energy consumption. Back in 2019, it was estimated that the Electroneum blockchain uses equivalent to just 10% of the energy consumed by the average UK household, making it one of the most energy efficient blockchains in existence today.

Build on Electroneum today!

The Electroneum blockchain, boasts EVM compatibility, incredibly low fees, and remarkable transaction speeds, is ready and primed for the Web3 landscape. If your organisation is interested in speaking with the Electroneum team about your blockchain needs, be sure to reach out.

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