A secure mobile wallet for digital payments.

  • Store all of your ETN in a safe and secure environment.
  • Send and receive ETN instantly via a simple QR Code built into the app.
  • Get rewarded with up to $3 USD worth of ETN every month.
  • 20+ languages supported.
  • Quickly check and calculate the value of ETN in Dollars, Rand, Euros etc.
  • Top up your mobile airtime and data directly with ETN.
  • Introduce new users and earn additional ETN.

Store ETN

The mobile application features a built-in wallet, allowing users to store ETN conveniently on their smartphone. ETN is transferred to the wallet using its unique QR code or wallet address, which is scanned or inputted by the sender.

Send and receive ETN

It’s incredibly easy to send and receive ETN via a smartphone. Each user’s wallet has a unique QR code and address associated with it. When initiating a transfer, the sender will be prompted to scan the receiver’s QR code or enter their wallet address. Once initiated, transactions happen in an instant.

Receive ETN rewards

Via the Mobile Mining feature that is built into every mobile application, each user can earn up to $3 USD worth of ETN every month. It’s incredibly easy to start earning free ETN; simply open the app and tap ‘Start Mining’. That’s it!

Referral programme

For every user you refer, you receive an additional 5% ETN bonus on the amount of ETN they mine. As a further incentive, the person being referred receives an additional 1% ETN bonus on the amount they mine. So, for example, for every 10 ETN mined by one of your referrals, you receive an additional 0.5 ETN and they receive an additional 0.1 ETN.

20 Languages and growing

The free Electroneum app is already available for use in over 20 languages and we’ll be adding more during the year.

ETN Calculator

An up to the minute spot price calculator allows ETN values to be calculated in over 40 international currencies.

Top up your airtime and data with ETN

A growing list of partnerships allows you (depending on your network provider) to top up your airtime and data directly with ETN.

Get started today

Begin to earn, store, send and receive ETN in minutes!

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