Our Vision

  • Empower millions of people to think globally, not locally
  • Give people access to worldwide marketplaces, without the need for a bank account
  • Connect Buyers and Sellers directly, whilst reducing costs and language barriers
  • Enable established businesses to connect with new customers via the ETN ecosystem

Coming Soon

  • New ways to EARN ETN:

    • Improve the user experience for first-time Sellers on the AnyTask™ Platform
    • Build upon the ETN-Network instant payment system to enable a more seamless integration for third-parties
    • Collaborate with other blockchain projects who may choose to offer ETN as reward to their users
  • New ways to SPEND ETN:

    • Expand the choice of products and services within the ETN App
    • Integrate food, building materials, retail vouchers, and much more into the ETN App
    • Expand existing services to more regions, whilst lowering costs of existing services
    • Team up with other wallets and providers
  • Legal and Exchanges

    • Pursuit of listings on leading exchanges
    • Pursuit of FIAT pairings on exchanges that can support local ecosystems
    • Continue lobbying governments on crypto legislation, as members of the Digital Pound Foundation, CryptoUK and Blockchain for Europe

Q4 2021

  • Richard Ells spoke at the Blockchain for Europe summit 2021 alongside Susan Friedman of Ripple, Cecilia Chapiro of UNICEF, Anca Bogdana Rusu of cLabs and Muhammad Noor of the Rohungya Project
  • Electroneum became a Foundation Member of the Digital Pound Foundation - an independent, non-profit organisation working with a variety of stakeholders and participants towards the implementation of a well-designed Digital Pound

Q3 2021

  • A brand new blockchain update was launched (V10) bringing with it a myriad of new features, including a further 75% block reward reduction and new technology that will later facilitate instant wallet synchronisation, as well as the future possibility for smart contracts, DeFi, CBDC interoperability, and much more!
  • ETN APP downloads exceeded the 3 million-mark months ahead of ETN-Network’s 4th Anniversary

Q2 2021

  • Ubuntu Pathways Campus re-opened thanks to ETN blockchain transaction validator rewards and charitable donations
  • ETN-Network CEO and Founder Richard Ells invited to panel on blockchain for social impact at Blockchain for Europe Summit 2021

Q1 2021

  • AnyTask TV ad campaign launched, airing on prominent television networks, including CNBC, ESPN, MTV, Fox Business, BBC worldwide and many others, resulting in over 2,000 ETN APP downloads a day
  • Doubled the Support Team size as ETN App and AnyTask™ Platform user base continued to grow
  • Ark listed ETN-Network and AnyTask.com on their new website MarketSquare
  • Electroneum CEO Richard Ells spoke at Blockchain Africa Conference 2021 about how crypto and blockchain have the power to change lives
  • AnyTask.com launched its NFT freelance category
  • Richard Ells delivered a BAC2021 speech on how crypto is empowering a generation
  • ETN accepted by Shopping.io allowing users to buy products from Amazon, Walmart, and eBay

Q4 2020

  • In-app airtime and data top-ups now possible in more than 160 countries
  • MeconCash adds ETN bringing the ETN ecosystem full circle in South Korea
  • ETN-Network teams up with Blockchain Heroes to release Electroman, it's very own NFT trading card released on the WAX blockchain
  • ETN App expands in-app electricity top-ups to nine countries
  • ETN celebrates its three-year anniversary
  • Joined CryptoUK and Blockchain for Europe trade associations alongside the likes of Ripple, Cardano, Binance, Coinbase, and eToro, in lobbying governments on future legislation regarding crypto and blockchain
  • LockTrip.com chooses ETN as their first collaboration, providing ETN users with massive savings on more than 2.1 million hotels, flights and accommodation across 190 countries worldwide
  • HostHavoc, the top five global gaming server provider, adds ETN to its payment options, providing ETN users with access to the likes of Minecraft, Counter-Strike, Ark, Space Engineers, and Arma.
  • Splinterlands, the popular blockchain trading-card platform, adds ETN to its payment options
  • Bad Crypto Podcast joins ETN-Network Advisory Board

Q3 2020

  • Surpassed 4 million users worldwide
  • Performed fork, reducing block rewards by 75%
  • Introduced pledge to maintain ETN's token inflation at under 2%
  • Scheduled block halving events every four years
  • Introduced Utilities top up feature within the ETN App, enabling users in four African countries to top up their prepaid electricity meters with ETN
  • Quantum Economics CEO and former eToro senior market analyst, Mati Greenspan, joins ETN-Network Advisory Board
  • Award-winning crypto journalist and prolific writer, Jillian Godsil, joins ETN-Network Advisory Board
  • Changelly.com lists ETN, providing another option for ETN users to seamlessly exchange ETN to and from 160+ other cryptocurrencies

Q2 2020

  • Merchant programme ETN Everywhere launched into Beta
  • Supporting NGOs/Charities with the launch of ETN Donate
  • Mobile wallet integrations, providing more places to spend ETN
  • ETN-Network brand building advertising campaign goes live
  • CEO of Cointelligence, On Yavin, joins ETN-Network Advisory Board
  • India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, CoinDCX, lists ETN

Q1 2020

  • AnyTask.com ad campaign & buyer campaign
  • ETN launches trial with Cambodia's leading mobile network operator
  • Global mobile top-ups launch. Mobile data and airtime now available to buy in ETN directly via ETN App in over 140 countries
  • M1 Electroneum smartphone stocked by Cellcard in Cambodia

Q4 2019

Q3 2019

Q2 2019

  • Upgraded to moderated Proof of Responsibility (PoR) blockchain
  • Become one of the few cryptocurrencies that is insusceptible to 51% attack
  • Reduced block reward (new coin emission) by 75%
  • Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) involved in the Electroneum project
  • Launched enhanced user registration process

Q1 2019

  • Mobile top ups in South Africa with mobile operator The Unlimited
  • Listed on Huobi exchange
  • Attended MWC19
  • Launched iOS app
  • Launched Cloud Mining on Android and iOS
  • Website redesign complete
  • First atomic swap with SimpleSwap
  • Purchase ETN with PayPal on CryTrex.
  • PrestaShop Plugin Launched.

Q4 2018

  • 2.5 Million Registered Users.
  • Electroneum voluntarily introduced AML compliance procedures ahead of the European 5th anti-money laundering directive requirement.
  • Launched Community Forum.
  • Signed agreement with One Development Thailand.
  • Formal signed agreement with Hong Kong Joy Telecom Co., Limited.
  • Invited onto GSMA Intelligent Customer Advisory Board.
  • Listed on HitBTC (top 10 global exchange).
  • Purchase ETN with a credit card at Indacoin.
  • FIAT pairing on ArtisTurba
  • FIAT pairing on Liquid.
  • Launched Vendor API.
  • Joomla Plugin Launched.
  • WooCommerce Plugin Launched.
  • Magento Plugin Launched.
  • WordPress Plugin Launched.
  • VirtueMart Plugin Launched.
  • Team surpasses 30 full-time members and still recruiting!

Q3 2018

  • 2 Million Registered Users.
  • Instant Payment goes into BETA.
  • FIAT pairing on SystemKoin.

Q2 2018

  • 1.5 Million Registered Users.
  • Instant cryptocurrency payments patent pending secured (1805708.3).
  • ETN upgrades blockchain network to handle larger volumes of transactions.
  • Richard speaks at BCI Summit New York.
  • Agreement signed with Mobile Streams to promote the use of ETN on their Mobilegaming service.

Q1 2018

  • Agreement signed with Xius taking our mobile user reach to 65m users.
  • Ask community for BETA testers for mobile miner. 45,000 detailed applications in 72 hours. Launched BETA Android mobile miner.
  • Joined the GSMA. Invited to appear at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona.
  • Signed Agreements with Effortel (5m user reach), Fanfare (1m user reach) and BMedia (20m user reach) bringing our total user reach to 91m users.
  • 765,000 live ETN users. Over $750m (USD) of ETN traded in first 40 days.
  • Mobile miner app enabled for 20,000 beta testers. Agreement signed with redONE increasing our total potential reach by 1m users.
  • Rich joining panel discussion at Mobile World Congress 2018 Barcelona.
  • Android Mobile Miner launched.
  • ETN listed on KuCoin.
  • ETN listed on Bitbns and CoinSpot (Ability to trade in fiat currency).

Q4 2017

  • ICO closes early due to reaching $40m cap.
  • HackerOne (US Dept. Defence) engaged to audit Electroneum's security.
  • Agreement signed with Hong Kong Joy Telecom Co., Limited increasing our total potential reach by 2m users.
  • Electroneum's wallet manager officially launched and Android app released in 20 languages.

Q3 2017

  • Electroneum Ltd is formed and officially takes control of the Electroneum project.
  • ICO opens and is set to run until 1st November 2017.