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Giving you the power to help

ETNDonate.com empowers the ETN community to make vital donations to selected NGOs/charities helping to make a difference around the world.

By giving the selected NGO’s and charities the opportunity to accept donations in ETN, each organisation is accessing a completely new way to fundraise. Why not do something great and donate ETN today

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Supporting the work of NGOs/Charities

In 2019, the ETN blockchain moved to a permissioned/moderated network called Proof of Responsibility (PoR). In doing so, a selected number of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) became validators, who use the ETN block rewards to enhance their existing charitable initiatives. Currently there are 12 network validators

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Ubuntu Pathways

Ubuntu Pathways breaks the cycle of poverty by providing South Africa’s most vulnerable children with what all children deserve - everything, every day, from cradle to career.

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WONDER Foundation

WONDER Foundation works with local partners and projects that support women and girls to transform their lives around the world.

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Lawyers for Good

Lawyers for Good is for charities /NGOs looking for legal support or lawyers looking for more meaning. All ETN Block Rewards go towards the project Children’s Fund Malawi, The Green Matala Entrepreneurial Village. The project is helping to improve the lives of underprivileged children and young adults with tangible financial, vocational, life- and entrepreneurial skills.

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